Our Abodes

Hashemite Dynasty is spread over many countries in the world and has ruled Hejaz(Saudi Arabia), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, Iraq and Morocco for centuries.Details to this dynasty’s abodes and rulers are available on the homepage of this website. Likewise places where descendants of Hazrat Baha Ud Din Baha Ul Haq Zakariyya Multani (RA) got settled in the subcontinent are explicitly detailed in the research work of Maulna Noor Ahmad Afridi. His famous documented accounts are “Tazkara e Bah Ud Din Zakariyya Multani (RA)” “Tazkara E Sad’r Ud Din Arif Billah (RA)” and Tazkara E Shah RuK’n E Aalam (RA)”.

Students and scholars can consult PhD thesis of Dr. Shamim Zaidi on Hazrat Baha Ud Din Zakariyya (RA) and work of other scholars, especially from Baha Ud Din Zakariyya University (www.bzu.edu.pk).Here we are briefly listing, which is by no means is an exhaustive list, of some of the abodes of  the relations of  Piran E Pail in Punjab & KPK.

  1. Maddina ul Aaulia- Multan
  2. Pail-Piran, Tehsil & District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Bhera Sharif, District Sargodha
  4. Pir Da Khara, District Chakwal
  5. Karuli Piran District Chakwal
  6. Khairpur Sharif Disrict Chakwal
  7. Thoha Bahadur District Chakwal
  8. Pir Maidan District Chakwal
  9. Sardhi District Chakwal
  10. Titral Disrict Chakwal
  11. Pir Khanwal District Chakwal
  12. Dharrabi District Chakwal
  13. Pir Sarkal District Chakwal
  14. More Jhang District Chakwal
  15. Waula District Chakwal
  16. Chak 113 North, Sargodha
  17. Sargodha City
  18. Khushab City
  19. Chak 180 South, Sargodha
  20. Faisalabad city
  21. Palasi Piran District Abbottabad
  22. Marmoola Piran District Abbottabad
  23. Pattan, District Abbottabad
  24. Arhwari Piran, Murree
  25. Rawalpindi City
  26. Taxila
  27. Lahore city
  28. Peshawar City



Pir Ghulam Mahbub Subhani Shah  (Mahbub Peer) of Buxlay Paints
















Late Pir Nowbahar Shah of Pail Piran with his sons Pir Sattar Shah and Pir Walayat Shah


Late Pir Nowbahar Shah of Pail Piran with General Ayub