The sons and grandsons of Pir Walayat Shah(Dr.Wali Pir)

Late Pir Walayat Shah was younger to his brother late Pir Ghulam Haider Shah.The former has four sons:

  • Syed Sajid Hussain Shah and one grandson- Pirzada Zakariyya Walayat Shah
  • Dr. Syed Wajid Pirzada and four grandsons-Late Pirzada Zulkifle Walayat Shah(Awwal),Pirzada Sheharyar Walayat Shah,Pirzada Aitizaz Walayat Shah and Pirzada Daniyal Walayat Shah.
  • Pirzada Majid Hussain Shah and one grandson Pirzada Zulkifle Walayat Shah(Sani)
  • Pirzada Zahid Hussain Shah and one grandson Pirzada Fahad Walayat Shah

Late Pir Walayat Shah has three daughters married to:

  • Syed Abid Hussain Shah(Thoha Bahadur)- with three grandson: Syed Abbass Haider Shah,Syed qamar Abbass and Sbed Zain Ul Abidin.
  • Pir Feroze Shah,with grandsons Pirzada Muddassar Feroze Shah,Pirzada Qasim Feroze Shah,Pirzada Asim Feroze Shah and Pirzada Jaffar tayyar Shah.
  • Pir Munir Shah– with grandsons: Pirzada Mubbasshar Munir Shah and Pirzada Bassam Munir Shah.

Maternal grandfather of Syed Sajid Hussain Shah and his brothers & sisters is late Pir Muhammad Shah (Doolah Badshah) father of Pir Mohammad Zafar Iqbal Shah. Pir Mohammad Shah belonged to Aazam Shahal (sub familly of Pir FatehShahall) and was son of Pir Nadir Shah.

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